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Category: Getting Real

I am . . .

‘I AM’ is a powerful statement. “I am _________ ” can fill your imagination and heart with all sorts of wondrous or disastrous things. What are you telling yourself and creating in your world? Let me be totally vulnerable here, the negative phrases I USED […]

5 Ways to Love Your Work

Do you wake up excited and anticipating the day ahead? If the answer is yes on most days, great! Keep it up. For too many Americans the answer is NO. In fact, did you know the most common day of the week for a heart […]

It’s an Adult! Launching Your Child and You

My eldest son is an adult. I gave birth to him 21 yrs ago & now it’s time to let go of his childhood and embrace his adulthood.  I sometimes wondered what life would be like when my child grew up, but there was never […]

Write a love note in 3 easy steps.

April is National Card and Letter Writing month. It’s time to pull out pen and paper (or love notes) and write a hand written card or letter to someone you love. Why? A personal love note written from the heart is a treasured gift that […]

Love anticipates

We begin the day with anticipation. “What will happen today?” Will the day unfold well or not so smoothly. The common thread is that we don’t know what the day will bring or what the future holds. There’s blankness before us . . . Unknowns. […]

Why Women Really Can’t Have It All, Today

As a woman who listens to countless women, I want to offer you an inside glimpse into our journey. Why?  For the past 18 years I’ve been a business owner, wife and mom of three teaching leadership and life balancing.  During this time one thing […]

4 Tips to Delegate Confidently

How to Delegate with Confidence. “I want to get some things off my plate but I’m not sure I can do it. I feel so bad asking for help.” Can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a variation on this theme. One of the […]

What does ‘Get Real’ mean?

What does ‘Get real’ mean? ‘GET real’ is all about being your whole and real self.  It means stepping up and growing into the real, true you.  Not living a fake life that others want you to live.  It’s about living your fullest, funnest life […]