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4 Tips to Delegate Confidently

How to Delegate with Confidence.

“I want to get some things off my plate but I’m not sure I can do it. I feel so bad asking for help.” Can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a variation on this theme.

One of the more unusual answers came from a woman in Mexico where I was speaking to a group of business women. “I have two nannies. One nanny manages the children. The other nanny manages my home and supports me. American women work way too hard.” So, how do we delegate effectively?
Delegating is a must if you want to live a sane life. But most woman struggle with delegating because they’re often afraid they’ll come across as lazy or too demanding. So instead of delegating intentionally and with purpose, they silently suffer or ask weakly and then cave in. There’s a better way.

4 Tips to Delegating

1. Look at your schedule and decide what activities do you like to do and what do you HAVE to do. Whatever is not most essential, delegate it.
2. Get over yourself. Many women won’t ask for help because they think it makes them look weak or lazy.
3. Ask someone else to do it and decide when a task needs to be completed by. Start with your inner circle of family and friends or hire help.
4. Thank the person in words and deeds. Then celebrate! The more you delegate, the better you get at it.