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I am . . .

‘I AM’ is a powerful statement.

“I am _________ ” can fill your imagination and heart with all sorts of wondrous or disastrous things.

What are you telling yourself and creating in your world?

Let me be totally vulnerable here, the negative phrases I USED TO tell myself were:

I am:

  • not worthy
  • damaged and overweight
  • unwanted
  • invisible
  • depressed

I am changing.  . .

Each and every day I call into existence the best person I was created to be.

I am:

  • Loved, lovable, loving!
  • free
  • healthy & wealthy.  (It rhymes too!)
  • joyful
  • friendly
  • generous
  • creative & confident

It has taken me a long time to make the transition and some days I forget.  When that happens I quickly come back to center and to the truth of who God has created me to be.

I’m making decisions and taking actions based on Love, not fear.  Fear can just disappear.

I’m listening to the voice of love.  I’m fortunate because as the Founder of the Original Love Box I am surrounded by loving people who speak love into me.  My team of friends, family and co-workers remind me when I forget.

How about you?  What are you consistently saying to yourself?

How do you realign yourself so you come back to center and your loving self?


Christine Martinello