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In the Vines

My father grew up on a farm in Italy and he taught me all about gardening.  I love getting my hands in the soil and then watching things grow and bloom.  Through the years I’ve learned a lot about pruning, in gardening and in life.

“I am the vine, and my father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit, he prunes.” -John 15:1-2

In the early Spring, pruning always seems pointless.  Even before the plant grows, it’s so necessary. Pruning gets rid of dead branches and reshapes a plant so that it can grow bigger and produce more fruit.

We all want to fast forward right to the harvest season but that can’t happen.  In order to reap a harvest we must pass through other seasons. First we must;  prepare the soil, get rid of weeds, plant seeds and then tend to the plants in the environment.  All this helps the plant grow stronger or whither away.

Then there’s the pruning.  The cutting back and re-shaping the plant so it can produce the most fruit or flowers.  This is a vital part of the gardening process. God is the master gardener. We are like plants and need to be pruned as well.

Pruning is is a necessary part of growth. We may not like it when it comes but it’s ultimately for our good and for our loved ones good. So, if you’re in a season of pruning and refining, KNOW it is to make you better.

Here’s to you, allowing pruning so that you can bear more goodness and more love.