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Love anticipates

We begin the day with anticipation. “What will happen today?” Will the day unfold well or not so smoothly. The common thread is that we don’t know what the day will bring or what the future holds.

There’s blankness before us . . . Unknowns.
Wide open spaces on the page . . .
The story has yet to be written . . .
We’re held back by an invisible barrier, cautious to write the story.

A myriad of thoughts flash through. What will they think? Who am I? To share my opinions, thoughts, feelings? Risk seems too risky.

It’ so frightening in fact, that we dawdle and procrastinate.
Oh look, the pictures on facebook or Pinterest draw us away. Look at all those people living their life and here I am sitting here doing nothing.

Anything known is more comfy than facing the unknown.

Guilt settles in. I should be working. I should be productive. I should do something – anything. Until all the ‘shoulds’ swirl around and swiftly blend together. We wonder if we can stop the frenzy. We create barriers. Until we decide we won’t.

The solution is faith in action. Because faith overcomes fear. How can we let it? By remembering the truth. God came through with blinding light or with burning bushes. If we will cling to the message we’ve heard a million times.

Believe and KNOW that I am God.  Open the gift

So we slowly begin, just as a turtle emerging from its’ hard shell. To do something. Anything. Begin anew.

If only we knew that what lies ahead is good for us. Just as a mother prepares gifts for her child’s birthday, so too does our Heavenly Father prepare gifts for us. “Will she love it?” “Will it look good on her?” “Will she share it with friends?”

We have to open the gift. Love anticipates our needs and wants.