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Will the ‘Real America’ Rise Up?

I love America.  I bet you do too.

With the government shut down and the prevailing selfish beliefs, I think it’s time for a ‘do over.’  We can fix the problems facing America but we have to come together with a set of beliefs based on God’s plan, not just our plan.

Below are some cultural beliefs that need to shift for us to truly be in the ‘land of the free and the home of the brave’.  I’m talking about being free while we’re on this earth and also in the long term.

I raised my family on real and healthy cultural beliefs.  They were prevailing beliefs not too long ago.  Lately, I’m wondering what the heck is happening in America and what set of ideals are we sharing with our kids.   It’s time for each of us as leaders in our families, at work and in the community to promote real, long lasting freedom. Let’s compare 2 sets of beliefs and consider which one you want to promote.

Popular Culture Says:                                             Real Culture Says:

Fight & separate                                                   Talk it out and come together

Do it all alone                                                        Do it with a great team

Buy it and you’ll be happy                                     Focus on loving relationships

Spend it all                                                            Spend some & Save some

Do it now                                                               Do it at the right time

Twerk                                                                     Respect

Have sex                                                                Have sex in marriage

Be violent                                                               Be peaceful and in harmony

Be selfish                                                               Be of service

What do I want?                                                    What does God want?

Yes, this is America and we value freedom.  However, freedom is not free.  It comes at a cost.  So, as Americans we can all do our part.  Our leaders can set better examples of how this great nation can operate.  So, let’s do better.  Let’s promote real freedom in our families, our schools and our government.

I pray our country will get back ‘on track’ so we can all be free.

Will the real America please rise up?