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Letter to my child – Live a Life of Purpose


Before each of my three children were born, I wrote a letter to them.  Why?  To let them (and me) know what we wanted most for them.  Here’s a letter I wrote to my 2nd child when I was 5 1/2 months pregnant.  My daughter is now 17, a senior in high school and an accomplished young woman.

You know what feels amazing?  We are doing this!  God’s grace is with us as we look back and look forward.

Dear darling child,

You are a wonderful gift from God to us and to the world.  We feel blessed beyond words to be graced with your presence.  We hope to be worthy as your parents and raise you the way God intends.  We so want to be good parents and give you all you need to be filled with purpose, joy and the spirit.

You are growing inside me and I have felt you moving and kicking.  You kick a lot.  I have seen your precious face and heard your tiny beating heart.  Already you give us so much joy.

We are delighted you’ll soon join our family  We can’t wait until you are born!  Daddy, David and I love you with all our hearts and souls.  (And that’s a lot!)

The future is carried in you.  I have such high hopes that you will have a warm, loving life. We’ll do our very best to raise you to be a loving person who becomes truly you.  We want you to fulfill your purpose on earth and we’ll do everything to support you on your life-long journey.

Dear baby, we surround you with joy and peace.  I love you dearly!  Daddy loves you with his whole heart.  We’re making room for you.  Welcome to our world.


What do you want for your child?  Write it down so through the years you can stay focused on what’s most important and years later, you can smile.