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Re-Create in Crisis

Re-Create in Crisis

Want to learn how to ‘Re-Create in Crisis’?

If so, you’re welcome to learn a 5-step plan to lead with confidence.  Ultimately, you’ll create a ‘new normal’ with your life and family.  You’ll learn practical and applicable new skills, knowledge and ideas.  Ideas that you can apply quickly and easily.

This training will be at no charge to you.  It’s my gift to you and your friends during this time of crisis.

We’ll meet virtually (on zoom) every Monday and Thursday starting at 10 am for the next 5 weeks.  Topics we’ll cover will include:

1.  Balancing Your Life – Identify your top priorities, Vision and Values.

2.  Create a ‘New Normal’ Plan – Make a workable schedule and routine for your week and day.

2.  Vision Board – Create the life you want to see unfold.

3.  Stress Busters – Learn ideas to manage your stress with practices such as loving meditation, prayer and affirmations.  Also, find out about great apps that will keep you centered and uplifted.

4.  Happy & Healthy YOU.  Based on science, tap into the top 5 habits you need to implement to be more happy and healthy.

5.  Have More Fun!  Create your ‘Fun Plan’.  Learn strategies to balance off the stress with fun and joy.

This is YOUR time to shine.  I believe in you.  I believe in US.

We have the opportunity to love our life, our family and friends in a new way.  Hope you’ll join us and re-create your life so that you not only survive but thrive during this crisis.  You can create your ‘new normal’.

Sending you much love and lightness,

Christine Martinello