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Cultivate Calm – 7 Do’s and Dont’s

Given the current global health situation, cultivating calm is a valuable skill.  Like the tide, tough times come in and then they recede.  I know life can be challenging now.  I hope and pray that it will all look very different in a few years from now.

During this time we have a choice as to how we will move forward.  Will we stay in a state of fear, learning or growth.  At this time we are invited to cultivate calm and get a grip on our mind, body and spirit.  If we’re not intentional, life will spin even more out of control.  We’re all dealing with uncertainty and it’s important for us to stay calm and rational.  How?  Here are 7 principles outlining what NOT to do and what TO do to cultivate calm.

Don’t do these 7 things because they’ll cause you agitation.

  1.  Ignore Your Body and the pain it’s sending you.
  2. Be Mindless and just let your mind wander into every dark hole and worst case scenario.
  3. Take in unlimited media and negative messaging.
  4. Ignore your spiritual growth.
  5.  Spread inflammatory messages.
  6. Socially isolate yourself and keep to yourself too much.
  7. Stay in the past or future.

Do these 7 Principles to Cultivate Calm.

  1.  Listen to your body and give it what it needs.  Whether it’s sleep, exercise, good nutrition, breathing deeply or a good long cry.  Release pent up emotions.
  2. Control your mind.  Harness your mind and use it as a powerful tool to give you focus, clarity and energy.  Practice mindfulness in many forms.  Be grateful daily and be sure to write down in a journal.  Meditate, pray, center yourself or do loving kindness meditations.  There are so many apps and videos to help.  I personally like the ‘Simple Habit’ app and the ‘Tapping Solutionsapp.
  3.   Limit how much media you take in and people who keep talking about only the virus.  Ask them, “Do you have any good news you want to talk about?”  If not, change the subject and you share some good news and limit your conversation.
  4. Connect Spiritually.  This is a huge opportunity for you to take the time you need to truly feel the love and care God has for you.  I firmly believe I am God’s beloved child and you are too.  Take the time to pray, read spiritual books and focus on the good news.
  5. Speak soothing words and slow down.  Your words can uplift or take down another person.  Be the one who calms the conversation down.  Try to change your words so they soothe yourself and another.  Try to take 5-10 seconds to respond to another person.
  6. Connect to others and Mother Nature.  – Zoom or Web ex are great ways to connect virtually.  Unplug for some part of every day.  At least at mealtime.
  7. Live 1 day at a time.  Today is the gift you truly have to live.  It’s good to plan for the future but live in today.

I’m wishing you continued calm and perfect peace.  While you may not be able to achieve this all the time, you can get more moments of peace.

May you walk in a peacefully energized place,  as much as possible.

Keep breathing and Keep on lovin’!