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Holiday 9-1-1: 7 Tips for a Happy, Healthy & Holy Holiday

Christmas Love Box Inventors-Christine & Bob

What’s the 1st word that pops into your head about the holiday season?

For many years mine was, overwhelmed. Followed closely by over burdened and let’s not forget overweight. You get the picture, I was in way OVER my head. Then I hit the “That’s it! button and decided, “This holiday’s going to be different.”

It was time to change and to enlist help. My hubby and I looked around and realized we had a whole team of helpers at our disposal, they were just disguised as family members. Aaahhh, children just waiting to be learn how to serve. So, we decided to organize and mobilize ourself and the troops.

Top 7 Tips to a Healthy, Happy and Holy Holiday

1. Have a Plan and Stay Organized.  Have a plan for your time, your health and your Spiritual growth.

Use the ‘Holiday Help!’ checklist.  It includes all the activities that make the holidays complete and you can tweak it for your family. You post it on the fridge and let each family member or holiday guest “sign up” to help. Then, assign a completion date for every activity on your calendar and who is responsible for its’ completion. The checklist keeps you organized and holds everyone accountable.

If no one signs up for an activity, it doesn’t get done. Oh what fun, it is to get the whole family helping along, Hey! When you’re organized and everyone’s working together cheerfully, everything is better.

You can get a free checklist, just e-mail me:

2. Be still. Pray, meditate and open your heart to the Spirit. Focus on the true reason for the season. Read the Bible, devotional or other spiritual books to slow you down and grow in faith.

3. Simplify the Season. Ask; Why are we doing what we’re doing? Ask your family, “What are the most meaningful traditions? Do those & ditch the rest.

4. Control gift giving. Ask the kids TODAY: “What gifts do you remember from last year?” Then brace yourself. If your loved ones can’t remember, simplify to just 3 gifts.

5. Focus on Relationships. Focus on growing in love instead of more stuff. Simplify and include others in the Season. Let go of wanting things to be perfect. Life is not a Hallmark show. They’re not going to be. Strive for ‘good enough’ instead. You really do NOT have to do it all alone. When we let others help we teach our kids and hubby how to love by serving.

6. Ditch the Guilt and Be grateful.  See all the joy in the moments and the people you do have in your life.

7. Give the gift of Love.

Grow closer together with family and friends as you share your love with the The Christmas Love Box tradition. If you’re not Christian, you can do the Original Love Box tradition. Sharing love is truly what it’s all about and connects us all. You can get yours online at:

Wishing you a heart filled with loving moments amidst controlled chaos. Keep the faith and by all means, just keep breathing – deeply.

Breathe in: I am at peace.
Breathe out: I share love.

So, how do you manage your holiday season?

I bet others would like to know your ideas.