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Which Countries are the Most & Least Loving?

The Beatles sang it so well, “What the world needs now is love, sweet love.”

What a pleasant surprise to know that Americans are some of the most loving people on the planet.

Here’s an excerpt from an article from ‘BIG THINK’ article highlighting the science behind these surprising findings.

“An international team of nearly 100 scientists has conducted one of the largest studies on love of all time. Their work is published in the journal Scientific Reports.

Psychologist Piotr Sorokowski based out of the University of Wrocław in Poland is first author of the Herculean (or perhaps more Shakespearean) scientific effort. He and numerous colleagues from dozens of countries joined together to survey 9,474 individuals over 18 years old in romantic  relationships spread across 45 countries about their experiences of love. Specifically, the authors were curious how country-level factors such as modernization, gender equality, and collectivism were correlated with levels of love. Out of curiosity, they also explored whether a country’s average temperature was correlated with warmer feelings.

  • An international team of scientists surveyed 9,474 individuals from 45 different countries about how loving their relationships are.
  • Participants in the U.S., Italy, Portugal, and Hungary reported some of the most loving relationships, while participants in China, Germany, Turkey, and Pakistan reported some of the least.
  • The researchers also found that a country’s modernization, gender equality, collectivism, and temperature were associated with greater feelings of love in relationships.”

Here’s a link to the full article and you can also play a recording here:

Americans are among the most loving, Germans the least – Big Think

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