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‘Take Time to Smell the Roses’ in Richmond, Virginia

‘Take Time to Smell the Roses’ in Richmond, Virginia

”We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls.”  – Anais Nin After selling our home, putting all of our possessions in 1 room and in our car, off we went.  Feeling a bit dazed and thinking in one breathe, […]

How to Find Peace

How to Find Peace

  Afflictions come in many forms . . . Mental anguish, Physical pain, Loss of a loved one, Frustration when things do not work out your way, Tiredness in your spirit Physical separation. This world has much suffering. Yet. . . Peace is still calling […]

5 Ways to Let Go and Start Anew

Recently my hubby and I were leisurely walking at a farmers market and the woman asked me, “What do you do?” When I told her we’re traveling and exploring the world, she said, “Good for you! So many people talk about and dream about being […]

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  Send Love to Health Heroes You can quickly download a free love note to express your appreciation to health heroes.  Also, you can adopt a doctor or nurse and give them an Original Love Box and love notes for only $20 by clicking on […]

Send Love to Health Heroes

Doctors, nurses, and workers are coming together in care and service to us all.  Let’s take some time to show them we appreciate what they do and the sacrifices they make. Thank you seems hardly enough.  Let’s surround them with love in the form of […]

Cultivate Calm – 7 Do’s and Dont’s

Given the current global health situation, cultivating calm is a valuable skill.  Like the tide, tough times come in and then they recede.  I know life can be challenging now.  I hope and pray that it will all look very different in a few years […]

Re-Create in Crisis

Re-Create in Crisis

Want to learn how to ‘Re-Create in Crisis’? If so, you’re welcome to learn a 5-step plan to lead with confidence.  Ultimately, you’ll create a ‘new normal’ with your life and family.  You’ll learn practical and applicable new skills, knowledge and ideas.  Ideas that you […]

Settle Your Mind & Spirit During Uncertain Times

This time has the potential to be ‘Our Finest Time’.  If we create it. Are you feeling a bit dazed, fragile and sometimes afraid?  With all the uncertainty flying around, it’s bound to happen.  If you feel like things are sometimes spiraling out of control, […]

Are You Enough?  Really?

Are You Enough? Really?

I realized I was always rushing – even when I didn’t have to anymore. You see, I cut back on my work to caregive for two people and I had a lot more time to think. And to worry. In my morning prayer & journaling […]

Send Dayton Love

Send Dayton Love

Are you fed up with the mass shootings and wondering, “What can I do?”  My heart goes out to the families and community – and imagine yours does too. Violence is pure evil and we need true love to overpower it. Dayton was home to […]